Share your link and get credit and VIP point

Jun 10, 2022

Now you can share your link to everyone to earn credit and VIP point. Use your credit when purchasing off our site or request to get cash when you want to . By earning VIP points you can get discount when buying or free shoes!

Credit/VIP Points: $1=1

Credit: 100=$1

When you share your link to someone else, you'll get 100% VIP points and 200% credit. 


When C buy $100 items

C gets 100 VIP points and 100 credits. 

B gets 100 VIP points and 200 credits.

A gets 50 VIP points and 50 credits. 

How to see your credit and VIP point? And how to share?

1. On computer:

    Log in your account and click ''My Account''.

       Click ''Affiliate" on the left.

2. On mobile:

   Log in your account and click ''My Account".




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